Sunday, October 5, 2014

Threat Intelligence with Open Source Tools - Cornerstones of Trust 2014

Cornerstones of Trust 2014:
Presenters: Jaime Blasco (@jaimeblascob) and Santiago Bassett (@santiagobassett).  Thank you Jaime.

Threat Intelligence has become increasingly important as the number and severity of threats is growing continuously. We live in an era where our prevention technologies are not enough anymore, antivirus products fail to detect new or sophisticated pieces of malware, our firewalls and perimeter defenses are easily bypassed and the attacker’s techniques are growing in complexity. In this new landscape, sharing threat intelligence has become a key component to mitigate cyber-attacks.

In this session we will define what Threat Intelligence is and discuss how to collect and integrate threat intelligence from public sources. In addition, we’ll demonstrate how to build your own Threat Intelligence data using Open Source tools such as sandboxes, honeypots, sinkholes and other publicly available tools.

The industry’s reticence to share information about attack vectors gives the adversary a huge advantage. Using Threat Intelligence we can reduce this advantage and enable preventative response. We will guide you through the different standards (OpenIOC, STIX, MAEC, OTX, IODEF…) to describe and share cyber intelligence, as well as Open Source Frameworks such as CIF (Collective Intelligence Framework) that allows you to combine different threat sources.

One of the biggest problems with Threat Intelligence is finding out how to take advantage of the data you have to actually improve the detection/prevention capabilities in your environment. We will describe how to leverage Threat Intelligence to detect threats and provide defenses, and we will focus on how to use Open Source Tools (Suricata, OSSIM, OSSEC, Bro, Yara…) to get the most of your Threat Intelligence.

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